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released July 13, 2018

Tracks taken from the upcoming RSR and Hate Ape Productions Split release with Lifespite. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jesse Bartkiewicz @ Uncle Gordie's Murder Shack, February 2018


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HOSTAGE Hamilton, Ontario

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Track Name: Creeping Rot
There is this festering stench coming from inside of me. I feel my flesh my organs rotting from all I swallow. Is there also disease in my brain?
Throes of justice. Now even greed has a taste.
How long can you keep this charade going? Blindfolding me. Swallow your lies. Choke on the poison you're force feeding us. Muzzle for Muzzle. Obedience rusts.
Throes of justice. Now even Greed has a ta$te.
Fog of Deceit. Weighing the fuck down on me.
Victim to the throes of justice. Time's come for you to be judged.
Victim to the throes of justice. You're at the end of my rope.
Track Name: Depths Of Disheartenment
I drain my blood for you to see what I have in me. Desire like thornz wrapped around my burning heart. You see the flames but you don't feel the burn I feel.
Burn every piece of me. Taste the blood, the ash, one last time before you color my world black. Bury the guilt, the lies, the unforgiving pain.
Hope. She is my prison.

I know you smile when you feel like crying. Cursed love with a ghost I must give up. Wounds never heal. Live with the guilt.
Now I'm stuck here, in a time where hope is lost. Virtues forsaken. It wasn't worth the cost. Wounds never heal. Live with the guilt.
I think about the piece of my life you own. I only have myself to blame. The more I give. The more you take. There's nothing left. You bled me fucking dry.

All is fair in love and war

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